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NURBS simplification operators: knot removal and degree reduction for curves and surfaces

Volume split (similar to surface split, to divide a volume from a group of dividing surfaces)
Surface render using triangle strips
Join surfaces function.
Sphere element new mesh quality filters: NumNeighbors and SpaceFilling
Transparent layers
Combobox in the toolbar to select the current layer to use
Mesh/nomesh criteria can be applied also to points
Draw meshing data related to boundary layer and Points forced to the mesh
Advance bar when reading GiD projects
JoinSurfaces JoinCoplanary, new function to join coplanary coplanar neighbor surfaces
GiD mesh ASCII reading: separate material in new layers

Meshing volumes with sphere elements and 2D surfaces with circle elements.

Align nodes of structured and semi-structured meshes (variable AlignSemiStructuredNodes)


Memory savings to manage big meshes in pre and postprocess
Basic support of pyramid elements in pre and full support in postprocess
Draw the support grid with labels and in postprocess too
Use a two colors degradation as background
Preview image saved with the model, to be show in the Open project window

Views with the same name as the postprocess file, with the extension .vv, are automatically read
Render environment projection to reflect predefined or user defined patterns in pre and postprocess
Options for reflection: individual faces selection, layer color or two color degradation for switched off faces

Can read TIFF files for background images and textures
Locate real size background images from a .tfw georeferentiation file if exists
A preview image and the view is saved together with the mesh and results
The Preview image of the current visualization is shown in the 'Page Setup' window.
Menu to load recent postprocess files
Menu to select useful or last read and saved views.
Spaceball device enabled for Windows-x64
User preference to set the number of 'recent files' to show in menus
Updated to Tcl/Tk 8.5
Support for Asian encodings in OpenGL
Handling of True Type fonts in OpenGL, with smooth edges.
Command line parameter -c2 <yourfile.ini>, to specify in a problemtype to use "yourfile.ini" instead "gid.ini", to avoid sharing the configuration
New command line -t option to evaluate tcl code
File browser window dialog can have additional parameters depending on the context (e.g. VTK or IGES import preferences)
Support for BMP files with 32bpp.
The animation also saves the composed views in the 'Multiple windows' configuration, except the independent one.

Math functiones functions like max, min, log, log10 can be used in template bas files, *nintervals command
Mathematical operator % (remainder of integer division) for template files
bas template command *ElemsNormal, to get the normal for triangles, quadrilaterals and circles.
GidUtils::DisableToolbar <tool> and GidUtils::EnableToolbar <tool>, to prevent show some tools, like the "Right buttons"
drawopengl font GiD-Tcl command, to set fonts and ask its properties
write_calc_data GiD-Tcl command, to write the calculation file from Tcl
GiD_Info Tcl floating values with precision based on tcl_precision variable
GiD_Info parametric curve t_fromrelativelength: Tcl procedure to calculate the parameter that provide the required arc length.
New Tcl command: GiD_Thumbnail get [ width height] to get a downscaled image of the current view.
GiD_UnAssignData : wherefield <fieldname> <fieldvalue> To unassign this condition only for the entities where the field named 'fieldname' has the value 'fieldvalue'
Several Tcl events:
TclCalcModelBoundaries: Tcl event to calculate and set its own bounding box (for zoom frame)
AfterSaveImage: Tcl event, interesting for example to save a georeference file (see dev_kit.tcl)
BeforeTransformProblemType: Tcl event, to be raised just before this transformation
BeforeInitGIDPostProcess: Tcl even, raised just before change to postprocess mode