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Implemented Microsoft Video1 codec with dithering, to save animations in AVI format
Centered structured triangles
Image Modified
Fill with tetrahedra a triangle boundary mesh (delaunay Delaunay algorithm)
Connect a cloud of points with tetrahedra (delaunay Delaunay algorithm)
Several macros added to the toolbar
GiD-Tcl command: writedefaults to save to file the internal defaults
GiD-Tcl command: GiD_GetInfoLnkFile to read .lnk Windows shell links
3D Studio .3ds import
Image Modified
LoadFileInGidUnknowExtension event, to handle drag and drop from a problemtype
Draw more mesh criteria
Mesh criteria option to force the node of a point on the surface mesh
Mesh criteria option to duplicate nodes for some selected entities to create a discontinuity
Image Modified
Automatic rotation center preference, and dynamic zoom centered on the first picked coordinate
For menus can be specified the character used to acces access with <Alt> key with an ampersand
Previous and next view buttons
Notes editor
Image Modified
Conditions over face element multiple
utf-8 encoding support for all GiD files
Structured triangles for three-sided surfaces
Image Modified
Unassign conditions matching some field value
Supported Windows shell links pointing to problemtypes
Uncollapse volumes
Intersect multiple surfaces, option to not divide surfaces and lines
Tablelist widget updated to 4.1
Automatic correct sizes: hard option based on chordal error
Bas file, can set a variable with the result of a tcl Tcl procedure
GiD_Info check command, to test possible bad entities
Rhino 3.0 Import. New CAD import format
New installation program
RamDebugger provided inside GiD (F12 to open), sharing all needed packages
Image Modified
SymmetrycalStructuredTriangles in preferences window
Enhanced appearance of some windows (animation control, animation post, read batch, preferences, copy)
Mesh errors enhanced: can reopen this window, better messages
Unload problemtype
Enhanced menus: (more logical location/name, disable/enable color by context, added icons)
Image Modified
New style to draw volume elements without need to see the mesh boundary
Image Modified
Save and restore the project view
Option to reload the last model when restarting
Updated mesh menus for semi-structured meshes
Selection filter by condition fields
New GiD-Tcl commands: GiD_SetModelName, AfterTransformProblemType event
Structured volume meshes with contour surfaces with more than four contour lines.
Hexahedrals Hexahedra smoothing.
Mesh of structured prisms.
More Edge collapse enhancements (pattern for special cases, smootingsmoothing).
Triangles split with linear or smooth interpolation, TolAngle parameter
Image Modified
VRML import
Image Modified
Problemtype xml file to declare some properties: to show a customized icon in the open file dialog box, to call a function to know if the entered password is valid for the problemtype, etc.
Structured hexahedrashexahedra: corrected some degenerated cases, and enhanced interpolation of quadratic nodes.
Mesh of structured tetrahedrastetrahedra.
Transfer of applied conditions when splitting elements
Rjump enhancements: mesh of quadrilaterals, draw by colors of entities to be jumped, show advance bar, some new variables for better control: RJump(TakeCareCurvature), RJump(TakeCareLayers), RJump(TangencyLimitAngle)
Check of negative of zero jacobian Jacobian on elements
Semi-structured meshes
Image Modified

Split of prisms and hexahedras hexahedra to tetrahedras tetrahedra
Source code updated for 64 bits support.
Update to Tcl/Tk 8.4.9, and reordered and added some packages: tdom, img, treectrl
Creation of approximated parametric surfaces
Variable SymmetricalStructuredTriangles to create four triangles by quadrilateral instead two.
Mesh quality: support for line and prism elements, new Minimum Jacobian criteria.
Several translation modifications: optionbar widget changed to Bwidget NoteBook, etc., language dependent widgets size
Function (meshing connectpoints) to create triangle elements (or surfaces) from a cloud of nodes, projecting in the plane z=0
Transformation (copy / move) much faster
Direct assignation to mesh of conditions with local axes
Creation of NURBS lines fitting a list of points instead interpolating, with user selected degree.
Events: BeforeRunCalculation, AfterRunCalculation, AfterOpenFile , ChangedLanguage
GiD_Info Geometry
GiD_GetInfoGeoFile, tr read the geo file version and problemtype
Added OpenGL selection commands: rendermode, selectbuffer, getselection
Sweep: must specify a end scale factor
Selection: now it's possible to select element faces (to apply conditions)
Selection of elements by tangency: ConnectedTangent and selected tolerance TolAngle (degrees)
Selection window: filters MinEdge and MaxEdge
Selection, add syntax end-'num', for example: end , end-5:end
Image Modified
Image Modified
Customizable macros toolbar
Image Modified
New RJump surface-group mesher, and manually options to jump or not a line.
Image Modified
Added a simple UNV mesh export template (Universal I-Deas format)
New status window button, to set the current meshing preferences with the saved in the loaded model file.
More tolerant with spaces in layer names, materials, etc.
Spanish translation of the stings database
Enhanced VDA read (more stable, and less memory requirements)
Enhanced IGES read (much faster, and less memory requirements)
Try to save the applied conditions when modify entities, create a new copy, etc.
Grid and snap: a tool to aid to the point definition by hand.
Image Modified
Delete entities: new 'LowerEntities' option to delete all dependencies.
Enhanced IGES export (optionally B-rep or traditional without topology style, more fast, saved layer information, etc)
Selection: more entity filters: by label on/off, material or assigned condition. New InvertSelection command.
Tcl/Tk: Included packages treectrl (a fast tree control) and tdom (a XML parser), and several scripts reordered as packages.
Add to dev_kit.tcl more procedures: GidUtils::EvalAndEnterInBatch (to register tcl used command for undo and batch)
GiD_BookBehaviour, GiD_MaterialBehaviour and GiD_ConditionBehaviour (to customize material and condition windows)
GiD_Process command, using a tcl-like parameter list (not space separated list as .central.s process), to avoid problem commands as filenames including spaces.
drawopengl drawentities subcommand (to easily draw internal GiD entities), GiD_Set (to set/get GiD variables).
GiD_Geometry command, to create from tcl new geometric entities.
Use of PassServer net licences system
Image Modified
Use of Dongle licences system, and memory sticks system.
Bas template: new commands *SetFormatNastran, *ElemsMatProp *LayerNumEntities
Render saved to disk to avoid to recalculate it.
New mesh indicator of "shape quality", and "maximum edge"
New mesh smoothing algorithm for tetrahedras
ACIS 5.0 Export. New CAD export format
Image Modified
Move node utility enhanced, deleting collapsed nodes and elements.
Mesh from boundary command to generate tetrahedras tetrahedra from a triangle boundary.
New utilities to mesh edit (smooth a selection and map nodes over geometry).
Edge collapse enhanced.
Image Modified
Fast surface render for some simple cases.
DXF export: try to export surfaces as 3Dface if possible or else an approximate polyface mesh.
NASTRAN import: new GiD-tcl event procedures to process information in the problemtype.
GiD-tcl info command: new order info parametric line|surface to obtain coordinates, derivatives, etc.
IGES export: if the problemtype has model units, then write these units in the IGES output file.
Import/export materials updated for book and special fields support, and accepted blank lines in material or condition file.
New GiD-tcl command drawopengl to directly draw in GiD from tcl scripts.
New specialized GiD-tcl commands to manage conditions, materials, local axes, mesh edit, etc (GiD_ModifyData, GiD_AssignData, GiD_CreateData, GiD_LocalAxes, GiD_IntervalData, GiD_Mesh ).
Variable 'CalcWithoutMesh' to write the calculation file without mesh entities (for some special problemtypes).
It's possible to set the number of a new volume or planar surface (useful for scripts automatization).
Procserver: get remote calculation server info (available groups,...).
Image Modified
General preference 'Shrink windows when selection' to resize some windows (layers, conditions...) when selecting to facilitate this selection.
Play sound general preference: to play a sound when some task is finished.
Tcl: new tcl-GiD event procedures BeforeMeshGeneration and AfterMeshGeneration.
Tcl: it's possible cancel the calculation from the tcl-GiD event procedures 'BeforeWriteCalcFileGIDProject' or 'AfterWriteCalcFileGIDProject' returns 'cancel' (to check data input before calculate).
Bas template: new commands *ElemsType, *ElemsTypeName, *SetFormatForceWidth, *SetFormatStandard, *nelem(OnlyPoints, *set elems(OnlyPoints).
Backup: each GiD stores their own backup, and asks the user to restore the model if GiD crashes.
Encryption functions.
Tcl/Tk: internal GiD interpreter updated to Tcl/Tk 8.4.1 version.
New Shapefile import (useful GIS format).
Image Modified
Parasolid Import: updated to Parasolid 11 format.
ACIS Import: updated to ACIS 7 format.
Custom Render: The user can define new render styles, selecting the layer color to draw entities, the visibility, width, etc. (menu View->Render->Customize...)
Image Modified
Translation: Added to general preferences a language option. It's possible to add a new language copying inside scripts\msgs the appropiated language catalogue message file (es.msg, de.msg, etc.)
Image Modified
Add to dev_kit.tcl some procedures to select GiD coordinates or entities: GidUtils::GetCoordinates, GidUtils::PickEntities (useful for tcl-problemtype developers)
New mesh renumber option. Setting the variable 'RenumberMethod' to 1, after generate a mesh, the nodes are renumbered with a Reverse Cuthill-McKee algorithm. (setting 0 the old renumber method is applied, and setting -1 the mesh is not renumbered). For future versions new algorithms can be included.
Image Modified
3D Studio .3ds import
When user set upper or lower result limit, the legend show a box around fixed values
Show graphs window replacing the old border graph window
Image Modified
Multiple mesh and results in a single file
Can use PNG images for background and textures
Create graphs between two points in plain surfaces and 3d volumes
Import NASTRAN mesh associated to FEMAP results
JPEG Quality variable
Changed the algorithm of stream lines to a five order Runge-Kutta and for triangles
Coloured streamlines according to the vector used for the stream line or any other result
Image Modified
Multiple mesh support (read, cuts, animations, etc.)
Image Modified
Enhanced results window (use of a tree widget, etc)
Show results classified in sublevels: "level_1//level_2"
New GiD-Tcl commands: GiD_Result create|delete|get (to dynamically create, get or delete results from tcl)
Femap v1.0 binary results import (.nfo)
Option 'both sides' when divide mesh and sets
Background image and texture also in JPEG format
The lines of the volume meshes are also drawn when the option 'draw interior' is on, and not only the internal faces as before
Cuts can be done giving the coefficients of the cut plane: Ax + By + Cz + D = 0
Labels, dimensions, comments, legends and axes are scaled with High resolution printings ( >200dpi).
Smooth Contour fill: shows a contour fill with smoothed gauss points results: min, max and mean value of the nodal extrapolated results
Image Modified
Changed the boundaries calculation algorithm, should be faster and uses a little less memory than before, also for preprocess-
New 'Utilities->Report' window for creating reports: images, List Entities info, text, etc. can be inserted.
Image Modified
New 'Utilities->graphical->animation script' window which allows the user to define a sequence of scenes which will be animated
Image Modified
View can be accessed directly through TclTk with '.central.s info view' and '.central.s process view set view ""'
New right buttons look

DXF import support for encoded 3DSOLID ACIS entities
Removed several static limits in the bas file
Some ACIS 7.0 import corrections
Sweep corrections
IGES import (surfaces without lines)
Several semi-structured mesh corrections
Translation encoding corrections
Corrected bug when drawing linear and cuadratic quadratic prism elements in flat and smooth render mode
When re-meshing, if variable MantainOnldMesh is set to true don't delete elements on frozen layers
DrawMaterials: don't show table of materiales materials on frozen layers
Correctes Corrected problems when load tbe files
Some corrections on transform materials
Avoid to use excessive memory when generating hexahedras hexahedra with lots of structured volumes.
Corrected bad connectivities when generating structured meshes linked by volume-contacts
Corrected a bug generating tetrahedras tetrahedra with background mesh sizes.
Avoided geometric entities renumber when generate a mesh.
Corrected a bug calculating the area of some trimmed surfaces.
Swapped bad orientation of volume elements created with a copy/move by mirror.
Corrected slow Reverse Cuthill-McKee renumbering with 1-noded elements.
Corrected bug of additional random blank spaces in the calculation file.
A condition over face elems elements is applied in a interface between materials to two elements instead to select only one.
Corrected crash creating a surfmesh from a quadrilateral mesh.
Corrected read/write bug of GiD ASCII files with conditions over layer.
IGES import: more tolerant to files with incoherent data (bad parameter count field 14, etc.)
IGES export: bad output file extension if the user not assigns any extension.
Bas template: *break can exit a for or a loop
Corrected Internet retrieve bug with some fast connections.
Corrected mesh quality graph bugs with small elements.
The user can cancel the 'quit' function if some process is still running.
Check of bas numeric format before apply, to avoid crash using some incorrect format.
Errors with temporary files with not occidental operating systems (Japanese, Korean, etc.) using filenames with not ASCII characters.

Femap import corrections
Stream lines can also be drawn as points
Actualized the results visualized when meshes are switched on and off
Corrected the problem with cut succesion succession
The letters of labels are drawn always, and does not disappear
Corrected and enchanced enhanced the stream-lines algorithm for stream near walls
Try to read truncated binary result files.
Corrected bugs when cutting hexahedras hexahedra by a tangent plane
Maintain layers colors as set colors
Several texture corrections
Correction of the 'Read Batch' windows which swallows the quotes of the batch file
Independent behaviour behavior for the 'animation controls' and 'animation results' windows
Corrected the merge (ASCII) option which didn't merge partial values of the same result/step/analysis
Some corrections when selecting results, analysis and steps with the same prefix
Correction when cutting more than 100 meshes and when cutting volume meshes
Correction when projecting a texture to the border of the mesh
When changing the render style for the meshes, it changes the render of the isosurfaces iso-surfaces too
Some corrections for the legend and the contour fill ranges for extreme situations: range width too small, limits too close, < epsilon
Correction while reading tecplot Tecplot files with hexahedras hexahedra
Corrected some problems while animating several results at once
Corrected bug when changing number of colors and contour fill and visualizing several results at once
Corrected the Gauss points extrapolation with given natural coordinates and for quadratic elements
Corrected bad precision calculating eigenvalues and eigenvectors for tensor results.