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What's new from version 15.1.3d to 15.1.4d


  • File browser: allow zip/unzip.
  • Html help disk size much smaller than previous version
  • Avoid GiD lock starting/ending if login server has problems to answer requests, and faster asynchronous start.
  • Cache to some disk access operations (e.g. for faster menus) specially with slow filesystem cases like network units
  • Included problemtype interfaces Nastran, Abaqus and Ls-dyna that now don't require an extra Compass password.
  • Corrected bug when exporting vectorial output (SVG, PS, OBJ, etc.) when using AMD Raeon graphic cards.
  • Corrected error with multiple monitors, when error windows appears in monitor 1 and gid is in monitor 2.
  • linux installer in console mode to no show nor ask questions about graphic gui.