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  • gid_quaternion package with functions to facilitate rotation around axis
  • GiD_Togl pick_one <togl_name> point|line|surface|volume|dimension|node|element|axis <x> <y>
  • GiD_Dimension edit <num> selected  <new_value> and GiD_Dimension get <num> selected
  • GiD_Axis edit 1|2|3 selected|get 0|1
  • Command line flag -no_splash_window to avoid splash window in some special cases (in general can be disabled in preferences)
  • GiD_Mesh -post edit node|element <num> label_on|selected <value>
  • GiD_Mesh -post get node|element <num> ?coordinates|label_on|selected?
  • customLib pick_coordinates value attribute, to facilitate pick a coordinate for some field.
  • Tranform: new <problemtype>.transform file to map changes of names of fields of conditions, materials, etc. along problemtype versions (to read old models and try to preserve this data)
  • VTK plugin import, implemented hexahedra 27 nodes, quadrilateral 9 nodes, prism 15 nodes