From v 15.1.0d to 15.1.1d

What's new from version 15.1.0d to 15.1.1d

  • Fix bug when iconized in Windows platform and an event show window message, then cannot be de-iconized


  • Fix lack of memory bug with results cache


  • GiD_Info variables ?-mesh? ?-expand_array_names?
  • New GiD variables ShowFigures(BoundingBoxLines), ShowFigures(BoundingBoxSurfaces), ShowFigures(BoundingBoxVolumes) to draw the bounding box of these entities.
  • New tcl command GiD_Mesh list face (e.g. "GiD_Mesh list -normals_dotprod_threshold -0.9 face" to identify problems)
  • Classic DEPENDENCIES incompatible change: new DISABLE action, and SET now really mean set, not disable!! (and trigger its dependencies)
  • GiD_Groups get all_properties <group> and GiD_Layers get all_properties <layers>