From v 15.0.2 to 15.0.3

What's new from version 15.0.2 to 15.0.3

  • Fix some wrong color of disabled menus
  • Fix bug when iconized in Windows platform and an event show window message, then cannot be de-iconized


  • Fix bug boundary layer mesh lossing groups and conditions
  • Fix bug structured mesh
  • Fix bug granular sphere/circle mesher with multiple threads


  • Fix bug sending elements to a new set
  • Corrected error exporting only results in binary format
  • Added support in hdf5 for empty results definition which caused crashes when exporting and importing


  • Fix bug GiD_OpenGL pop pgfont
  • Fix bug drawing groups (only case ::CUSTOM_LIB_USE_NATIVE_GROUPS_DRAW_NATIVE == 0)
  • Some small fixs in customLib (Import/export materials window and others)