GiD - The personal pre and post processor

From 9 to 10

What's new from version 9 to 10


  • Mac OS X version
  • Added stereoscopy (3D view) support with anaglyphs and Quad planes and save animations.
  • Added shadow support using the shadow mapping technique for a better depth perception and enhance presentations.
  • GMED: new module for treatment of medical images.
  • Added shadow support.
  • Ready for Windows Vista an 7
  • Added support for usb's SpaceNavigator and 3D SpaceBall in Linux
  • Plugins: tcl files inside the \plugins folder will be automatically sourced when starting.
  • zoom centered on the current cursor when using mouse wheel


  • Rhinoceros 4.0 export
  • Import of x y z? ASCII files as points of nodes
  • Import of 'ply' mesh files
  • Geometric surfaces reconstruction from triangle or quadrilateral meshes.
  • Join surfaces (also able to rebuild a single surface by contour)
  • Boolean operations with multiple selection
  • Tcl wrapper of the HDF5 library to read/write this data format.


  • Boundary layer mesh generation in 3D
  • Generation of quad dominant meshes (surface mesh with quadrilateral and triangles), if a meshing preference is set.
  • New unstructured volume mesher available, based on constrained Delaunay algorithm.
  • New unstructured non constrained volume mesher, based in Iso-stuffing.
  • Force Points to Volume Mesh option available (Mesh Criteria->Force Points to Volume Mesh)
  • Sphere/Circle mesher options in preferences window and new generation algorithms.


  • Graphs: polar graphs, logarithmic scales, draw axes and labels, select grid color.
  • Integral of a scalar or vector result over a mesh part.
  • New Points/Circles/Spheres visualization mode: Internal texture
  • Support for 'Units' has been added, both for mesh and results:
  • Options->Geometry->Create delaunay meshes allows the user to create delaunay meshes from the nodes of the postprocess model
  • New 18 nodes prism element
  • New file *.post.lst: a file which contains a list of the files for multiple meshes and graphs.
  • Isosurface exportation is done now with GiD format.
  • Visualization: in the 'View Style' windows, possibility to visualize the preprocess model (geometry or mesh) with the postprocessed results. There is also de possibility to select which
  • Render mode to use with the preprocess model.
  • Basic postprocess state is saved and restored.


  • CompassLIB problemtype Toolkit
  • Separated customization manual
  • New Tcl events:
    BeforeCopy, AfterCopy, BeforeMove, AfterMove
    AfterCreatePoint, BeforeDeletePoint, AfterCreateLine, BeforeDeleteLine, etc.
    AfterCreateLayer AfterRenameLayer BeforeDeleteLayer AfterChangeLayer AfterSetLayerToUse
    AfterCreateDimension BeforeDeleteDimension
  • Tcl-GiD commands:
    GiD_Geometry can get and create more types of surfaces: plsurface, coonsurface and meshsurface
    GiD_Geometry create line: new option to create NURBS interpolating points
    GiD_Mesh'get' to obtain information of nodes and elements
    GiD_Info Mesh also for meshes of post
    GiD_Result create , -array option to efficiently handle data
    GiD_Info IsPointInside
    New Tcl commands to register procedures (interesting for plugins)
    To modify menus: GiD_RegisterPluginAddedMenuProc, GiD_UnRegisterPluginAddedMenuProc
    To handle dropped files with some extension: GiD_RegisterExtensionProc, GiD_UnRegisterExtensionProc
    GiD_OpenGL get modelviewmatrix|projectionmatrix|viewport , and polygonoffsetfill constant
    GiD_OpenGL pgffont pushfont | popfont | print | dimensions | foreground | background
    .central.s graphmode , dynamicbox, and dynamicline
  • objarray command to ask type and length of this vector object
  • New bas template commands:
    *loop conditions nodes|bodyelements|faceelements|layers
    *condname, *condnumfields, *condelemface *condhaslocalaxes
    *matprop, *cond, *gendata, *intvdata: without arguments print all fields
  • Other:
  • Grid data showed with a new widget to easily copy/paste big data, and a XY plot can be drawn
  • Added option #WIDTH# to the Value: field in .cnd to set a specific width for value entries in the Condition Window
  • Data Conditions NewCond process command, to define a new condition at runtime
  • Hide/show all volume related menus and toolbars when setting the global variable GidPriv(HideVolumeLevel) to 1/0
  • Updated to Tcl/Tk 8.5.8
  • Added more Tcl packages: Tktable, sqlite, ..., and the rest updated to the latest versions.