GiD - The personal pre and post processor

from v 8.1.1b to 8.1.2b

What's new from version 8.1.1b to 8.1.2b 

New quadrilateral mesher

Boundary regular transition meshing preference

NURBS simplification operators: knot removal and degree reduction for curves and surfaces

Preview image saved with the model, to be show in the Open project window

Can read TIFF files for background images and textures
Stream lines implemented for hexahedra, prisms, pyramids and quadrilaterals

Supported hexahedra of 20 nodes in postprocess
Macro to create a vector result from an scalar result
Smoothing of triangles and quadrilaterals: new opcion LaplaceSmooth to only apply a laplacian smooth, with angle tolerance and try to save the enclosed volume
Math functiones like max, min, log, log10 can be used in template bas files, *nintervals command
Delaunay volume mesher (GiD_Set VolumeMesher 1)

Command line parameter -c2 <yourfile.ini>, to specify in a problemtype to use "yourfile.ini" instead "gid.ini", to avoid sharing the configuration
GidUtils::DisableToolbar <tool> and GidUtils::EnableToolbar <tool>, to prevent show some tools, like the "Right buttons"