GiD - The personal pre and post processor



  • Support for Windows WSL2 and Xming (to run GiD compiled for Linux in Windows with GUI using the "Windows Subsystem Linux 2" and x-window)
  • Fix problems of login password when server is off
  • Solved print to obj/svg creates extra lines&vertices on AMD Radeon graphics card
  • macOs catalina corrected initial dir problem when changing to restricted folder for the first time


  • Fix bug GroupsTranferToFacesSingle
  • Fix bug UNV I-Deas mesh import
  • Fix crash reading file with wrong contact volume
  • Fix crash collapse points
  • Fix bug of batch/undo creating circle
  • Rhino export fix bug writing surface render mesh
  • Fix duplicate nodes missing groups


  • Allow 15gauss points for prisms
  • Corrected crash when files new after read multiple of a single files/time-step
  • Solved problem when listing a node when mesh is deformed and there is no deformation result for that node
  • Corrected render flat 2D with xy view
  • Corrected error: big axes drawn big and in the center when selecting volumes in render flat and vertex array mode
  • Corrected error when cutting multiple meshes
  • Corrected error in results cache when loading results with different meshes on each step and without index
  • Update result index when combined with deformation and animation


  • CustomLib tree, fix bug renaming from GiD group with childs using native groups
  • CustomLib: changes related to includes
  • CustomLib: Improving transform tool in 
  • Avoid crash creating menus when loading problemtype Code_brite 
  • fix bug Tcl command GiD_WriteCalculationFile nodes -return
  • fix but transform classic units
  • fix bug of GiD_Event_BeforeRunCalculation return -cancel-
  • fix bug TKWIDGET: GidUtils::TkwidgetPickPointOrNode with DEPENDENCIES
  • new subcommand GiD_Info check mesh contact_elements_connectivities