GiD - The personal pre and post processor


What's new 16.0.7


  • Corrected Utilities → status clipboard copy.
  • adds support for macOS 14 Sonoma.


  • Export GiD mesh: new option -export_mesh_by_entities to write meshes by geometrical entities or a single mesh by element type.
  • Fix bug writing and reading mesh of points with internal node not public.
  • Fix bug sweep surface with closed line.
  • Fix bug corruption meshing contact volumes.
  • Local axis preserved in copy/move and orientation of surfaces is swapped using mirror.
  • Abaqus import plugin 0.5 much faster and allow pyramids.
  • Fix bug calculating boundary mesh faces sending elements to layer back.
  • Binary mesh set file format 1.3 to allow  store internal elements.


  • Legend size adapted to legend font size. Number of labels preference preserved when changing legends size.
  • Legend correctly positioned when printing in high resolution, and text correctly renderer.

  • Drag and drop of multiple post files will do a Postprocess→ReadMultiple, instead of loading each file one after another.

  • Corrected error when reading multiple files with results cache and exporting as ascii or deleting meshes or sets.

  • Corrected crash when reading multiple files with one file with mesh groups.


  • GiD_WriteCalculationFile elements -elements_faces faces implemented for prism and pyramid.
  • New package parse_args : A fast argument parser based on the patterns established by core Tcl commands like [lsort], [lsearch], [glob], [regex], etc.
  • objarray package updated to 1.17 : Check objarray changes here: What's new .