GiD - The personal pre and post processor


What's new 16.1.9d


  • Chinese translation of messages

  • Refactor Tplex object container and allow std C++ modern syntax with iterators for fast traversing
  • Refactor GiD variable names to group in array syntax OGL_*, Color*, BackColor*, PGF_*, VR_* → OGL(*), Color(*), ...
  • New edit mesh function to detach mesh of geometrical entities, and new GiD variable DetachMeshFromGeometry to do it automatically when meshing or reading the mesh.
  • Show custom icon for .gid project folder (Windows only), and allow problemtypes to declare an Icon pointing to a .ico file


  • Update Tetgen mesher to v1.6
  • Abaqus import plugin fixed include
  • Assign to a group a geometry entity meshed will also automatically assign its mesh entities
  • Show in preferences window OnlyUseSelectedMesherVolumes  and OnlyUseSelectedMesherSurfaces meshing variables
  • Show in preferences window the variables to set visibility of all kind of entities, and also its bounding box


  • Pybaqus import mesh+results .fil import enhanced to allow elemental results on gauss points

  • Line graphs on quadratic elements to use quadratic edges and inner edges instead of only linear edges.


  • Update Tcl/Tk to 8.6.13 version

  • New Tcl command GiD_Project detach_mesh_from_geometry ?is_attached?
  • New Tcl GiD_Geometry list -mesh_data sub-commands:
    • GiD_Geometry list -mesh_data element_type <element_type> line|surface|volume
    • GiD_Geometry list -mesh_data structured full|semi|center line|surface|volume
    • GiD_Geometry list -mesh_data meshing duplicate line|surface
    • GiD_Geometry list -mesh_data meshing tobemeshed_yes|tobemeshed_no point|line|surface|volume
    • GiD_Geometry list -mesh_data size point|line|surface|volume
    • GiD_Geometry list -mesh_data skip point|line
    • GiD_Geometry list -mesh_data boundary_layer line|surface
    • GiD_Geometry list -mesh_data mesher <mesher_id> surface|volume
    • GiD_Geometry list -mesh_data point_forced_to surface|volume point
  • New Tcl GiD_Raster subsample <raster> <increment_row> ?<increment_col>?
  • New Tcl GiD_Raster fillnodatavalue (to complete a raster with some nodata values, interpolating them from the existing values)
  • New Tcl GiD_Geometry -v2 create surface <num>|append nurbssurface <layer> -interpolate {line1...linen}
  • GiD_Geometry, GiD_Mesh and GiD_Dimension list allow -count flag to return the amount instead the ids
  • GiD_Geometry -v2 delete -also_lower_entities flag to delete also dependent geometrical entities, and in -v2 the syntax changes (the selected ids is a single item)
  • GiD_Geometry exists point|line|surface|volume <id>
  • GiD_Geometry get point <point_id> forced surface|volume
  • GiD_Mesh delete -also_lower_entities element flag to delete also dependent nodes
  • GiD_Mesh ?-pre|-post? exists node|element <id>
  • Fixed a bug in the order that are raised the dependencies (classic problemtype)
  • objarray Tcl package, new commands: swap,permute,new_structured_connectivities,new_structured_coordinates,new_n_from_increment,resize,remove,set  multiple,reverse with <blocksize>,search with -start <index>
  • customLib tree now allow assign a condition multiple times on the same group
  • proc GIS::CreateSurfaceParallelLines { raster {layer ""} }
  • Performance enhanced in several plugins that import mesh, using GiD_MeshPre and new objarray features