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  • GiD dynamic library plug-in mechanism to load/unload dynamic libraries (developed an interface to create postprocess mesh and nodal results).
  • New GiD-Tcl commands:
    • GiD_Geometry now allow also create and ask for contactsurface and contactvolume contact-surface and contact-volume and to list the problematic un-rendered surfaces.
    • GiD_Cartesian to get and set cartesian grid properties.
    • GiD_BackgroundImage to handle background image.
    • GiD_MeshPost to create and inquire postprocess mesh.
    • GiD_Result, new 'gauss_point' and 'result_ranges_table' sub-commands to manage them.
    • GiD_Graph to handle postprocess graphs.
  • Tcl-GiD events:
    • New events AfterCreateMaterial, AfterRenameMaterial, BeforeDeleteMaterial, AfterChangeMaterial, AfterAssignMaterial, BeforeMeshErrors, BeforeResultReadErrors.
    • GiD_Info events: to know the full list of raised events.
  • Global Tcl variables:
    • GidPriv(HideQuadraticTypeLevel) to disable quadratic options .
    • GidPriv(PostSpaceDimension) to disable 3D results.
  • Tcl packages:
    • GDAL Tcl package to read/write GIS digital terrain models from multiple formats (Arc/Info, tiff and most image formats ,etc.).
    • Vtk Tcl package to wrap vtk functionality.
    • Most Tcl packages updated to latest versions.