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Main news from version 15 to version 16. (See 'Detailed changes' for the full list of news).

  • Cloud models storage for logged users
  • Utilities->Status: buttons to open common folders (temporary, user settings)
  • Calculation do not require save with a name, its temporary folder is used for UNNAMED model
  • File browser: allow zip/unzip.
  • Html help disk size much smaller than previous versions
  • Avoid GiD lock starting/ending if login server has problems to answer requests, and faster asynchronous start.
  • Included problemtype interfaces Nastran, Abaqus and Ls-dyna that now don't require an extra Compass password.
  • Change theme do not require restart GiD
  • Black theme rebuilt using vectorial SVG images, to have better images with all theme sizes (small, medium, large,...), for high resolution screens
  • New 'GiD White Vectorial' theme
  • macOS: GiD build on macOS 10.15 Catalina, solved USB access problems.
  • macOS retina support.


  • Each geometry entity store its mesh (avoid re-mesh if was meshes, update the mesh if required, copy also the mesh when copy a geometry, etc.).
  • IFC geometry format import (BIM standard format)

  • Undo enhanced (redo, undo last command, use backup as starting point, not lost history saving model, copy commands from undo multiple window, etc.).
  • Repair check contact volumes integrity, and do some repair in simple cases


  • Plugin to export results in shapefile format (GIS)


  • New option Convert Visible iso-surfaces to Cuts.
  • Fix lack of memory bug with results cache
  • Volume rendering: again functional and with some additions.
  • Fixed bug when cutting multiple meshes.
  • Corrected problem when importing multiple VTK files.
  • HDF5 corrected some errors when reading and writing results.
  • skipping steps when reading results: added option to read every X steps.


  • Tcl/Tk updated to 8.6.12 version
  • windows: <GID>scripts/tk/demos/DEMO_widgets.vbs show a collection of tk widget demos and its source code
  • linux and macOS: $GID/tk_widgets_demo script added to show a collection of tk widget demos and its source code.
  • CustomLib
    • customlib problemtypes don't require embed used procs in the xml spd file.
    • correct_local_axes_with_lines command to modify assigned local axes based on the direction on some curves.
  • New GiD-Tcl events:
    • GiD_Event_BeforeCalculate, GiD_Event_AfterReadPreferences, GiD_Event_AfterSavePreferences, GiD_Event_BeforeExit, GiD_Event_AfterDataManagerSetCloudFolder
  • New Tcl commands:
    • GiD_AccessValueAssignedCondition ?-field_index? set|get <condition> <over> {<question>|<field_index> ?<value>? ... <question>|<field_index> ?<value>?} <entities>
    • GiD_GetUserSettingsCommonDirectory ?-create_folders? , return the main user GiD folder
    • GiD_Project backup save|read ?-ignore_must_save_flags? <name>
    • GiD_Mesh list face (e.g. "GiD_Mesh list -normals_dotprod_threshold -0.9 face" to identify problems)
  • New Tcl sub-commands:
    • GiD_Info bounding_box new optional flags ?-geometry|-mesh|-post? ?-layers_off_also?
    • GiD_Info mesh nodes | elements new option -array2 : Instead of a plane list it returns the results as a list of objarrays (more efficient).
    • GiD_Info mesh -post -step_index $idx_step -set_name $name Elements $element (new optional flag -set_name $set_name)
    • GiD_Info mesh -post ?-step_index <idx_step>? ?-step_value <step_value>? (new optional flag '-step_value')
    • GiD_Info variables ?-mesh? ?-expand_array_names?
    • GiD_Info check surface <entity_id> selfintersection ?-tolerance <tolerance>? (new -tolerance optional flag)
    • GiD_Info check mesh contact_elements_connectivities, to check integrity of contact elements
    • GiD_Info postprocess get cur_step_index , to get the integer index of the current step
    • GiD_Groups get all_properties <group> and GiD_Layers get all_properties <layers>
    • GiD_Geometry get: new sub-options label_on | selected
    • GiD_Geometry edit point|line|surface|volume <num> material|label_on|selected <value>
    • GiD_Mesh get: new sub-options label_on | selected
    • GiD_Mesh edit node|element <num> material|label_on|selected <value>
    • GiD_Project transform_problemtype <new_problemtype>
    • GiD_Sets get command: new element_type and element_num_nnodes options to get these values
    • GiD_Result get new optional flag -ignore_no_result, to avoid the result values that are unset
  • Packages:
    • package objarray new `-binary <data>` option
    • objarray foreach <var_name> <objarray> <body> to easy loop on all array values
    • Added Tcl package vfs
    • promise package added, to allow run asynchronous procs with promises and async/await syntax
    • tksvg package added, to support vectorial images with svg format (scalable vector graphics)
  • New GiD variables ShowFigures(BoundingBoxLines), ShowFigures(BoundingBoxSurfaces), ShowFigures(BoundingBoxVolumes) to draw the bounding box of these entities.
  • GidUtils::OpenWindow , GidUtils::CloseWindow , etc handle classic data windows.
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