GiD - The personal pre and post processor

From v 9.2.3b to 9.2.4b

What's new from version 9.2.3b to 9.2.4b 

Calculate: the priority and the affinity of the selected running calculation can be adjusted on MS Windows and Linux. On MAC OS X only the priority can be changed.
Page Setup --> Page and capture settings: added options to select whether to capture images or record movies with a white background instead of the displayed one.
The problem type's name appears in the title of the main window, together with the project's name.
command line: if gid is started with a name of a postprocess file, then it changes to postprocess and loads the file. This can happen when a user drags and drops a postprocess file over the GiD icon on the desktop.

Sphere/Circle mesher options in preferences window.
Import of unstructured meshes with Amelet HDF5 format
Improvements in surface mesher to make easier volume meshing.

Gauss Points: elemental results (1 gp per element) are transfered to cuts/sets, so that these type of results can be drawn on cuts/sets.
View Style: a list of predefined colours of materials has been added in the view style window.
New file *.post.lst: a file which contains a list of the files to be read by the postprocess:
The first line should contain one of these words: Single / Merge / Multiple to read a single file, merge the list of files or handle them as several meshes (for diferent time steps);
rest of lines: the files to be read, with one filename per line;
both comments starting with '#' and blank lines are admited;
if the filenames do not have its absolute path, then the path of the file containg the list will be used;
the file will be read if it's inside a gid project ( projectName.gid/;
and can also be read with File-->Open (select the proper filter).
The file *.grf (which contains graphs) is read when:
changing from pre to post process and projectName.gid/ exists, or
the postprocess files are read through File-->Open, then example.msh/res/bin and example.grf are read.
Delaunay: added option to force a triangulation of 3D points, the axis with less delta is skipped. Repeated points are also skipped and the user gets a message.

Corrected some minor bug in 3d boundary layer meshing.
Enhanced boolean operations and intersections.

Spheres/Circles: Corrected bug when these elements are selected. Now they are also drawn in red when selected.
Vectors/Matrices/LocalAxes: corrected bug which causes to display vectors although the mesh is switched off.
Fonts: corrected error which prevents the user to change the fonts for legends, commands, etc.
IsoSurfaces: with several isosurfaces at once, corrected problems when the step is changed.
ShMinMax: labels now are always drawn
Contour Fill: corrected problem that does not change the display style when hidden lines and render were used together.
Multiple meshes: when a mesh is deleted, then all the meshes with the same name in each time step are also deleted.
Delaunay: added repeated points detection and warning.
XYZ ascii files ( *.txt) are not added to the recent post files.
isosurface exportation is done now with GiD format.