GiD - The personal pre and post processor

From v 9.0.x to 9.1.0b

What's new from version 9.0.x to 9.1.0b 

Boundary layer mesh generation in 3D
Rhinoceros 4.0 export
Creation of a NURBS surface from triangle elements
Improvements in quadrilateral mesher
Time savings in mesh compatibilities checking (before beginning the mesh generation), and reading mesh files.
Boolean operations: 'NoDeleteVolumes' and 'NoDeleteSurfaces' subcommand to maintain the source entities
Cartesian mesh:
support of boundary conditions
use castesian-like numeration of mesh entities,
read only GiD variables to know the cartesian divisions, etc . Can be asked with the Tcl command GiD_Set
Cartesian(NGridPoints) : return the number of points of the grid on each direction x, y, z
Cartesian(BoxSize) : dimensions of the box of the cartesian mesh bounding the model
Cartesian(Corner) : location of the left-down corner of the cartesian box
Cartesian(FromRenderMesh) variable, to set if the cartesian mesh is obtained fastly from the render mesh
Cartesian(CondFaceElem) variable, to set where to transfer conditions over face elements: to body elements or face elements
Layers window enhanced: fully redesigned window, with tree of layers, integrated layout, etc.
New filter:NumSides=xx , where xx is the number of sides of the entity (surfaces or volumes)
'ParentsOf' command, to select the parents of some entity

Scale result in contour fill (scale factor or logarithmic).
Graphs: logarithmic scales, draw axes and labels, select grid color.
Animation: several options to control the duration of the animation, including the use of the step values.
Draw arrows option in stream lines.
GiD variable OGL_useMeshObjects, to activate/deactivate OpenGL draw lists.
Time savings doing cuts.

Internal changes for future Mac OSX version (soon available), and offscreen rendering
Fixed some Windows Vista platform problems:
Lock when showing big meshes
Sysinfo bugs
Graphical problems with Aero Glass and Intel graphic cards: use emulation of front buffer.
Software OpenGL option in the graphical preferences window, to enable/disable the hardware acceleration

News for problemtype developers:
Updated to Tcl/Tk 8.5.5
New Tcl event AfterChangeBackground when changing color or other properties
Tcl command GiD_Mesh 'get' subcommand, to ask for mesh information
Tcl command GiD_Info Mesh also for meshes of post and -array efficient option
GiD_Info Postprocess get with -array option
GiD_Info Postprocess axis_option
GiD_Info List_Entities Dimensions
New Tcl_Obj types to handle efficiently vectors of int, float or double (interesting for C/C++ developers of plugins)
conditions 'over face element single', the face with the same normal as the source surface will be marked.
Data Conditions NewCond process command, to define a new condition at runtime (e.g. when importing shapefiles, to create new conditions to handle attached information)
dev_kit.tcl: Predefined procedures to customize TKWIDGET data fields
TKWIDGET: GidUtils::TkwidgetGetFilenameButton , to add a 'pick filename' button
TKWIDGET: GidUtils::TkwidgetPickNode , to add a 'pick node' button
TKWIDGET: GidUtils::TkwidgetGetLayername, to add a 'layer' combo box
GidUtils::Disable/Enable writebatch to de/activate the writing of the batch file
ConfigureProgram.tcl: variableGidPriv(MenuType) with values 'native' or 'generic' to use native or generic menus