GiD - The personal pre and post processor


objarray is a special type of Tcl_Obj to handle efficiently (in memory and cpu) arrays of basic numeric types at Tcl level.
This package was developed at CIMNE ( ) mainly for GiD (, but is is implemented as an independent tcl package that can be used by other applications

To use it, it should be loaded load with

package require objarray

Tcl_Obj objects automatically do internal conversion between strings and its special type and vice-versa, this facilitate its use.

The hdf5 plugin uses internally objarrays as bridge between HDF5-like arrays and GiD data.

The vtkobjarray is another specialized Tcl package that act as link between objarrays and vtk-like arrays
(e.g. it is used by the GiD-vtk results import/export plugin)

Note: objarray, hdf5 and vtk_objarray are Tcl packages developed at CIMNE for GiD