GiD - The personal pre and post processor

From v 9.2.4b to 9.2.5b

What's new from version 9.2.4b to 9.2.5b 

plugins: tcl files inside the \plugins folder will be automatically sourced when starting.

New unstructured volume mesher available, based on constrained Delaunay algorithm.
Surface reconstruction from triangle or quadrilateral meshes.
Quadratic option inside meshing preferences, instead of in the Mesh menu.
Automatic correct sizes: the sizes correction does not affect to entities which are not topologically in touch, althought they are close in space.
Improvements made when using a background mesh for unstructured size assignment

New GiD-Tcl events:
AfterCreateLayer AfterRenameLayer BeforeDeleteLayer AfterChangeLayer AfterSetLayerToUse
AfterCreateDimension BeforeDeleteDimension
New Tcl Info commands:
GiD_Info IsPointInside
New Tcl GiD commands
GiD_Geometry create line, option to create NURBS interpolating points
New Tcl commands to register procedures (interesting for plugins)
To modify menus: GiD_RegisterPluginAddedMenuProc, GiD_UnRegisterPluginAddedMenuProc
To handle dropped files with some extension: GiD_RegisterExtensionProc, GiD_UnRegisterExtensionProc
New bas template commands:
*loop conditions nodes|bodyelements|faceelements|layers
*condname, *condnumfields, *condelemface *condhaslocalaxes
*matprop, *cond, *gendata, *intvdata: without arguments print all fields

File .post.lst: can also contain a list of graphs (.grf ).
New graph: integral of a result over a mesh through all the steps of an analysis. The results can be a nodal result or a smoothed gauss point result.