GiD - The personal pre and post processor

From v 9.2.0b to 9.2.1b

What's new from version 9.2.0b to 9.2.1b 

MAC OS X: OpenGL acceleration enabled. Software OpenGL can also be selected from GiD preferences window.
New window for first time use to select between accelerated OpenGL (faster) and software OpenGL (safer).
Fixed bugs using batch files

Improvements in recognizing prismatic shapes for semi-structured volume meshes.
Fixed bugs in structured surface meshing and semi-structured volumes.
Fixed bugs in closed surfaces meshing (like cylinders).
Boolean operations with multiple selection
Division of polylines.
Fixed render surfaces bug on Linux x64

New GiD-Tcl events:
BeforeCopy, AfterCopy, BeforeMove, AfterMove
AfterCreatePoint, BeforeDeletePoint, AfterCreateLine, BeforeDeleteLine, etc.

Utilities-->Status shows also accumulated length, areas and volumes of the elements of the model.
Isolines are also converted to cuts, when the option Options->Iso surfaces->Convert to cuts is selected.
Options->Geometry->Create Delaunay meshes allows the user to create Delaunay meshes from the nodes of the postprocess model in three ways:
One for each visible mesh: creates separate Delaunay meshes, one for each displayed mesh/set/cut
Single mesh for all visible meshes: creates a single Delaunay mesh from the nodes of the displayed meshes/sets
Single mesh for all points: creates a single Delaunay mesh from all the loaded points in postprocess, belonging or not to an existing mesh/set.
After the Delaunay mesh(es) creation GiD applies an alpha shape algorithm to delete detect contours the mesh, if possible.
Files-->Merge joins meshes with the same element type and same name.
View results icon bar: dynamic slide bar to scale the deformation when the deformation's icon is selected.
Enhancements and fixed bugs:
better visualization of circles in 'internal texture mode'
correct position of legends, comments and axis boxes in high resolution hardcopies
New element: prism with 18 nodes: the 6 vertices, the 9 in the middle of the edges and 3 in the center of the four sided faces.