GiD - The personal pre and post processor

From v 9.1.1b to 9.2.0b

What's new from version 9.1.0b to 9.2.0b 

Force Points to Volume Mesh option available (Mesh Criteria->Force Points to Volume Mesh)
Possibility of assigning real size (not num of divisions) for structured mesh
Improvements in structured mesh
Fixed some bug related to closed surfaces meshing
Improvements in chordalerror mesh size limiting using meshing preferences
Laplacian smoothing of line elements
Option to load meshing preferences from model in Mesh menu
Generation of quad dominant meshes (surface mesh with quadrilateral and triangles), if a meshing preference is set.
Import of 'ply' mesh files
Improvements in intersections and boolean operations

Import of ASCII files, compresed with (g)zip or not, which contains only the coordinates x, y [ z] of points. Coment character and format of the line can be adjuste in the open import file dialog box. For example: with the format '%*d %g %g %g" the x, y and z coordinates can be read from a file with indexed coordinates like in this line: '1 2.345 7.543 3.876'.
StatusLabels has been added in the iconbar reflecting the number of nodes and elements, render and transparency modes. Clicking over them triggers an action: Utilities-->Status for 'number of nodes/elements', cycling over the render and transparency modes for the 'render and transparency status labels'.
In the 'File-->Merge' dialog box, several files can be selected to be merged together. Useful to read mesh+result pieces of a partitioned model.
Several Graphs can be read from the same file, they only need to be separated by the line

Graph: "(unique) Title of the graph"
which corresponds with the format of the graph files described in the manual
All graphs are written in a unique file when the option File->Export>Graphs->All is selected.
Translation of the graphically supported TTF fonts for vectorial PostScript and Encapsulated Postcript output.
Linux: after a couple of seconds the full path is poped up when the mouse is over a file in the Recent Files menu.
Added icon for OpenMultiple files in the icon bar.
several corrections regarding graphs, emulateFrontBuffer, Dimensions and PS vectorial, and othres...

First GiD 9.x version for Mac OS X
Added support for usb's SpaceNavigator and 3D SpaceBall in Linux, with left button for ZoomFrame and right button for ResetView (XY plane).
Now the OGL_emulateFrontBuffer preference is also saved.