GiD - The personal pre and post processor

From v 9.1.0b to 9.1.1b

What's new from version 9.1.0b to 9.1.1b 

Import of x y z? ASCII files as points of nodes
Export template DXFSAP2000 updated
Two more variables to control the chordal error of the whole model when generating the mesh

STL ascii and binary export of triangular and quadrilateral meshes. Only the displayed ones are exported
New Points/Circles/Spheres visualization mode: Internal texture. This option is a compromise between a nice view and a quick response time.
Display of axes, Matlab like, for the visualized model
Option to attach the progress bar, when a file is opened or written, in the main windows, avoiding unnecessary redraws
Visualization of scaled results, including the logarithm of the result: log( factor * ResultValue + Offset)
Logarithmic graphs
New option to improve the quality of the saved GIF images: Dither666 and Dither595, in the "Save GIF file box"
The new meshes created with transformations have the same colour as the originals

zoom centered on the current cursor when using mouse wheel
GIF: used dithering to convert the 24bit-colours to gif 256 colours' pallete.

News for problemtype developers:
Updated to Tcl/Tk 8.5.6
GiD_Info project subcommands RequireMeshSize and RecommendedMeshSize
GiD_Geometry can get and create more types of surfaces: plsurface, coonsurface and meshsurface