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Display results on Gauss points

  • Can GiD display results on Gauss points?

Gauss points are several points inside every element, that are used to perform the integration quadrature necessary for the FEM. For this reason, the main variable of the problem is obtained in the nodes and the variables that need an integration of this, are obtained in these Gauss Points.
Current version can already read and display data in the Gauss points. The standard possibilities are:

  • Line (beam) elements: any number of points inside, equally distributed.
  • Triangle: 1,3,6 GP in standard positions.
  • Quadrilateral: 1,4,9 GP in standard positions.
  • Tetrahedron: 1,4,10 GP
  • Hexahedron: 1,8,27 GP
  • Prism: 1, 6 GP
  • Pyramid: 1, 5 GP

Note: Standard positions means the positions of the quadrature of Gauss-Legendre. If your positions of the points is different, it is also possible to introduce user-defined positions.
One Smoothing algorithm is the one that, given one variable defined on Gauss Points, calculates the value of this variable in every node of the mesh. The easiest way to do this is, for every element, transport with the shape functions the values to the nodes, and do the mean or one weighted mean of the several values calculated for every node.