GiD - The personal pre and post processor

Error when connecting to the server

If GiD raises an error trying to connect to the GidDataManager, then try to solve it by following these steps:

  1. You must be signed in to the licence manager (pressing the upper-right icon on the GiD toolbar, you must have a username, usually your e-mail address, and a password).

  2. If you are already signed in, try to sign out/sign in again (pressing the upper-right icon on the GiD toolbar).

  3. (Windows only) Open Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features → Turn Windows features on or off. Check if SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support is enabled.

4. (Windows only) Try once to manually “Add a network location”:

Connect to :<e-mail>

where <e-mail> is the e-mail address that is your username for the licence manager.

Note: in <e-mail> the character @ should be replaced by %40

Enter your username (e-mail) and password.

This is only needed once, afterwards, probably GiD will be able to connect/disconnect to the model manager.