GiD - The personal pre and post processor

From 12 to 13

Main news from version 12 to version 13. (See detailed changes for the full list of news).

  • Apple's OS X official version

  • Html help and internal viewer
  • Antialiasing new OpenGL option in Preferences->Graphical->System


  • New STEP export, and enhanced import.
  • Import XYZ nodes: option to triangulate/tetrahedrize connecting them.
  • Create a geometrical surface from each selected triangle or quadrilateral element.
  • 'Granular' sphere/circle mesh generator plugin included in GiD.
  • New MinElem surface mesher. It tries to generate the minimum number of elements in a surface taking care of the given chordal error.
  • Octree-based volume mesher: added options to control whether lines or points should be skipped when meshing surfaces using Rjump.
  • Parallel meshing of surfaces.
  • List entities: new 'Lines uv' button to show the lines in uv parametric space of a trimmed surface.


  • Layers: allow deletion also if it has entities, parts in back, conditions or child layers.
  • Draw entities of frozen layers in grayed color.
  • Internet retrieve window: allow get plugins and other documents, and filters to hide incompatible or existent modules.


  • Basic support for Isogeometric analysis (IGA) on NURBS entities:
  • Postprocess variables of menu options moved to preferences window.
  • New Reload Icon to refresh results of a calculation in progress


  • CustomLib library now freely available for all problemtype developers (and documented in customization manual)
  • Tcl/Tk updated to last version: Tcl/Tk 8.6.5
  • Added new Tcl packages (sqlite database, etc.) and updated the versions of the old ones
  • New GiD-Tcl commands related to geometry, mesh, postprocess sets, results
  • New GiD_Events related to read project, transform, layers, intervals, conditions, graphs and graph-sets, etc.
  • New command line flag -m <alternative_macros.tcl> to allow use different user macros file (e.g. for different problemtypes)
  • Plugin to import a new geometry format: CALCULIX .fbd format
  • Voro plugin that wraps the voro++ program to create Voronoi tessellations as GiD geometry.


  • Russian translation
  • New webpage
  • New user's support forum page