From 13 to 14

Main news from version 13 to version 14. (See 'Detailed changes' for the full list of news).

  • GiD server-client architecture
  • Save with the model the state open/close of the tree of layers and groups


  • Import formats enhancements (preserve groups, etc.)
  • Tool to join lines
  • Embedded meshes generation integrated inside GiD

  • New Cartesian mesher (ZMesher) integrated inside GiD

  • New specific tools for pre-processing digital terrain models (DTM)
    • Raster tools to extrapolate z mesh to a 2D grid (raster)

    • Set the z of the mesh nodes from a raster file)
    • Convert raster to geometry or mesh
    • Plugin to import topography from tile map servers


  • Native support of HDF5 format for results

  • Complex numbers completely supported as results
  • Several options enhancing usability
  • Play animation toolbar button
  • Automatic animations: follow a node


  • New "Smart Wizard Designer" package for problemtype developers

  • A lot of new scripting commands and events for customization


  • GiD mesh library

  • Web: GiD online shop

And off course several improvements in efficiency and fixed bugs.