GiD - The personal pre and post processor

Support of 3D graphic cards

  • Does GiD support 3D graphic cards?

GiD can be accelerated by any 3D graphics card that supports OpenGL.

Depending on the version of the graphics driver, some OpenGL implementation problems may arise with GiD.

There is an option to use GiD without graphic acceleration, i.e. using the CPU to render the 3D model.

Check the 'OpenGL options' in the

Utilities --> Preferences --> Graphical --> System panel

and the 'Repair GiD' option in the MS Windows start menu, in Linux menu (or the gidx / commands) or in macOS the /Applications/GiD-XXX/Contents/MacOS/GiD_Safe_Mode command .

In general NVIDIA graphic cards are a good option.