GiD - The personal pre and post processor

from v 8.1.5b to 8.1.6b

What's new from version 8.1.5b to 8.1.6b 
Split tetrahedra
Cartesian mesher

Sphere element new mesh quality filters: NumNeighbors and SpaceFilling
GiD_Info Tcl floating values with precision based on tcl_precision variable
GiD mesh ASCII reading: separe material in new layers
DXF import: support of 3DSOLID entity (ACIS based)
Advance bar when reading geometry and mesh GiD files
Several improvements: quadrilateral unstructured mesher, Parasolid import, etc.
User preference to set the number of 'recent files' to show in menus
Postprocess variable PostCutToMesh, to automatically convert 'cuts' to 'sets'