GiD - The personal pre and post processor

from v 8.1.6b to 8.1.7b

What's new from version 8.1.6b to 8.1.7b 
Boundary layer meshing in 2D
Transparent layers
Circle element (defined by a center, radius and normal to the plane), and internal sphere mesher.
Updated to Tcl/Tk 8.5
Spaceball device enabled for Windows-x64
GiD_UnAssignData : wherefield <fieldname> <fieldvalue> To unassign this condition only for the entities where the field named 'fieldname' has the value 'fieldvalue'
Several Tcl events:
TclCalcModelBoundaries: Tcl event to calculate and set its own bounding box (for zoom frame)
AfterSaveImage: Tcl event, interesting for example to save a georeference file (see dev_kit.tcl)
BeforeTransformProblemType: Tcl event, to be raised just before this transformation
BeforeInitGIDPostProcess: Tcl even, raised just before change to postprocess mode
GiD_Info parametric curve t_fromrelativelength: Tcl procedure to calculate the parameter that provide the required arc length.
bas template command *ElemsNormal, to get the normal for triangles, quadrilaterals and circles.
Combobox in the toolbar to select the current layer to use
Mesh/nomesh criteria can be applied also to points
File browser window dialog can have additional parameters depending on the context (e.g VTK or IGES import preferences)
Menu to load recent postprocess files
Menu to set useful or saved views.