GiD - The personal pre and post processor


What's new 16.1.0d


  • Data manager icons status updated and added shortcut in file-browser.
  • GiD minimized icon menu show recent models to be opened (Windows only)

  • Model .lck file to allow open only a model once as owner, next users can open it read-only and must save with other name. A new GiD variable EnableFileLocking allow disable it.
  • Tkcon console package added to GiD for developer uses (menu: Utilities->Tools->Console...)

  • Allow show/hide the process commands used by GiD, for scripting developers,  (checkbox menu: Utilities->Tools->Show process commands)

Allow to show also the pure visualization commands of pan, view rotation,...


  • Fix bug restoring last mesh size used reading a model.
  • GIS::GetRasterFromNodes and GIS::GetRasterFromTriangles now have extra parameters far_points_set_nodata and far_points_distance to avoid far grid points (set as nodata)

Used  by functions that create raster geometry or mesh from nodes, like the image where grid points far of 400 units of nodes don't generate cells



  • Results cache: now supports ContourRanges Results.
  • Vtk import and export corrections.
  • Vtk export, save an extra .pvd file with time step of each .file for Paraview


  • Tcl packages: updated tdom (windows), tklib, tcllib, twapi.
  • New Rtree tcl package: to allow spatial searches.
  • New netcdf package to read/write NetCDF (Network Common Data Form)
  • Fix bug GiD_Mesh delete element not taking into account mesh stored by geometric entities.
  • Abaqus import plugin 0.4: allow multiple parts, complete element keywords and create groups from NSET and ELSET information
  • package gdal replaced by osgeo (gdal+gdalconstants+ogr+osr packages)
  • plugin gdal 1.5 now allow import with ogr package vector formats (dxf, shapefile,...)