GiD - The personal pre and post processor


What's new 16.1.2d


  • Now GiD can run Python scripts thanks to the tohil package, and is possible from a Python script invoke Tcl commands and interact with GiD data. See Using Python in GiD


  • Internet retrieve: new category 'packages' to download Tcl packages into <GiD>/scripts.
  • Allow svg vectorial images for ImageFileBrowser of problemtypes.
  • macOS: Corrected crash when changing from pre- to post- in a project with results.
  • macOS: Corrected crash when calling Help.


  • Vtk import in preprocess also, hidden old preprocess import options: "Vtk voxels" and the limited 'vtk structured points'
  • Preprocess mesh: enhanced containers of render auxiliary data, become too expensive in memory and CPU with a mesh by geometric entity

(e.g. model with 100000 surfaces and 200000 triangles spend 5GB → now 1GB)


  • Vtk import 1.10, allow result matrix defined by 6 components, allow read multiple Paraview .pvtu and .pvd files, import much faster, ...


  • GiD_MeshPre create <layer_name> <element_type> <element_num_nodes> ?-zero_based_array? <node_ids> <node_coordinates> <element_ids> <element_connectivities> ?<radius+?normals?>?
  • GiD_Geometry get point <id> node .
  • New package tohilTohil provides ways to exchange data and execute code between the Python and Tcl interpreters.

  • Includes a copy of Python3.10.5 Windows, 3.10.8 Linux and macOS, and several common scientific modules (numpy, matplotlib, meshio, ...) 
  • New JSON packages: gid_json (dict2json and json2dict) and rl_json (binary package to manage json objects 'natively' in Tcl in a similar way as dict's).
  • New package parse_argsA fast argument parser based on the patterns established by core Tcl commands like [lsort], [lsearch], [glob], [regex], etc.
  • objarray package 1.15->1.16 : new command objarray replace_value